MOOCs & Alberta Curriculum Alignment

The University of Alberta is proud to offer free open online courses to the community. As we look after children at home and for ways to keep our kids and ourselves learning and having fun during school closures and home stays, these courses are a great resource.

From the incredible world of insects and introductory astronomy to paleontology and computer programming we offer 10 courses spanning a wide range of subject areas.

The University of Alberta has 10 free Massive Open Online Courses that can help support parents at home with young students during this challenging time, or anybody looking for brain breaks to help stay engaged through lifelong learning. 

Want to find the course with the best match for your child’s curriculum objectives? Check out our guide to which course content best aligns with the topics covered by grade:


Curriculum alignment by grade

Grade 7


Curricular Unit

Relevant MOOCs

Science 7 Interactions and Ecosystems
Plants for Food and Fibre

Grade 8


Curricular Unit

Relevant MOOCs

Science 8 Light and Optical Systems

Freshwater and Saltwater Systems

Grade 9


Curricular Unit

Relevant MOOCs

Science 9

Biological Diversity
Space Exploration

Grade 10


Curricular Unit

Relevant MOOCs

Aboriginal Studies 10

Science 10

Energy Flow in Global Systems

Grades 11 & 12


Curricular Unit

Relevant MOOCs

Aboriginal Studies 20, 30

Bio 20

Ecosystems and Population Change 

Bio 30

Population and Community Dynamics

Career and Technology Studies

Computer Science (CSE) CSE10

Physics 20



Circular Motion, Work and Energy

Physics 30

Electromagnetic Radiation

Science 20

The Changing Earth


Changes in Living Systems

Science 30

Electromagnetic Energy
For-credit options

UAlberta students can enrol in many of these online courses as a for-credit option. Refer to Beartracks for course offerings and schedules.

Learn more about these online options and get a preview of the exciting topics and videos covered in each on the University of Alberta online course website.