Canada Chapters


Established in 1924, Calgary is the first and longest serving Regional Chapter. Calgary also has the largest alumni population outside of Edmonton with over 30,000 alumni.

As our most active Regional Chapter, there are 15+ dedicated volunteers who organize 10 events a year including the Calgary Lecture Series featuring the best of UAlberta research. Other events range from family activities to sporting events and educational experiences with local alumni. The Alumni chapter also organizes an annual Welcome Program to welcome new grads to the city.

Fort McMurray

There are over 1,470 alumni in the Fort McMurrray area. Chapter volunteers help organize an annual family focused event.

Grande Prairie

The Grande Prairie area has about 3,200 alumni. The chapter hosts an annual family focused event and features talks on UAlberta research on an ad-hoc basis.


About 2,500 alumni call the Lethbridge area home. Volunteers led activities featuring UAlberta researchers to social get-togethers. The chapter organizes ad-hoc activities throughout the year.


There are 12+ committed volunteers with the Toronto chapter. They act as mentors and ambassadors, and organize and host a variety of events throughout the year for 7,000 alumni in the region. Events range from education and career focused to casual networking activities, including finding and hosting events at alumni owned businesses.


The greater Vancouver region is home to about 10,000 UAlberta grads. The chapter has 12+ volunteers that guide the planning of events and programs. They act as mentors, and ambassadors, research alumni owned business, host annual brunches that feature top UAlberta researchers and raise funds for a student bursary. Activities are organized year round.


The chapter features two annual brunches that include a presentations by UAlberta researchers. There are about 3,500 alumni in the region.