Métis Research Project to be featured on Wild Archaeology TV Show

Dr. Kisha Supernant and several of her graduate students will be featured on two upcoming episodes of APTN's Wild Archaeology show

19 November 2019

Kisha Supernant's research on Métis archaeology through the EMITA will be featured on two episodes of the show Wild Archaeology on APTN. The episodes will air on Nov 19 (episode 7) and Nov 26 (episode 8) and include Kisha and several of her graduate students. Wild Archaeology is a show produced by, directed by and starring Indigenous people and focuses on archaeology in North America.

Episode 7- Métis of Chimney Coulee (Pt 1)
The team heads to plains country to meet Métis archaeologist Kisha Supernant at Chimney Coulee in southern Saskatchewan. Straddling the continental divide, the site is home to diverse occupations stretching back at least 10,000 years. Kisha puts Jen and Jacob to work excavating the inside of a Métis cabin while Dr. Rudy uses ground penetrating radar (GPR) to map underground features as a digital 3D model.

Episode 8- Métis of Chimney Coulee (Pt 2)
Kisha introduces the team to Dr. Natasha Lyons, a paleo ethnobotanist investigating the plants used for food and medicine at Chimney Coulee long ago. Jen helps Natasha collect samples for analysis while Jacob learns a few words in Michif, the endangered language of the Métis people. Jen and Jacob face off in a bead finding competition to see who has the best eye for artifacts.

To view the episodes, please copy this link into your browser: https://aptn.ca/wildarchaeology/episode-guide/season-2/