Anthropology staff

Professors Instructors AdjunctEmeriti

André Costopoulos
Professor and Dean of Students
Evolution of social complexity; human adaptation to environmental change;, quantitative and computational methods in archeology; agent-based simulation in anthropology, and prehistoric exchange networks
Jean DeBernardi
Social/cultural anthropology; Anthropology of modernity; Chinese religious culture; Chinese diaspora communities in Singapore and Malaysia; historical anthropology 

Gregory Forth
Religion; kinship, marriage and sexuality; ethnobiological classification; folk zoology; oral narrative and rumour; Southeast Asia 

Associate Professor

Reconstruction of past human diets and mobility using stable isotope analysis; palaeopathology; weaning and juvenile nutrition in the past; Greece; Eastern Mediterranean
Lesley Harrington
Assistant Professor
Physical/biological anthropology, bioarchaeology, dental anthropology, growth & development; hunter-gatherers; southern Africa
Joseph Hill
Associate Professor
Religion, Islam and mysticism, language and performance, gender, global and translocal movements, West and North Africa, Middle East
John (Jack) Ives
Professor and Director Institute of Prairie Archaeology
Archaeological theory; public and prehistoric archaeology; Athapaskan and Algonquian social and economic organization; Apachean origins; Jin Dynasty; Northern Plains; Subarctic; northeast Asia
Robert Losey
Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate Program)
Zooarchaeology, aquatic adaptations, mortuary archaeology, hunter-gatherers; Northwest Coast of North America, Eastern Siberia

Kathleen Lowrey
Associate Professor
Lowland South American anthropology, South American ethnohistory, comparative ethnohistory of South and North America, economic anthropology, disability studies, feminism, and the relationship of historical and contemporary evolutionary theory to anthropology
Pamela Mayne Correia
Faculty Service Officer
Applied forensic anthropology; trauma, cremated human remains; human identification problems, bone curatorial issues. Current research: bone diagenesis, including fungal, heat and traumatic damage.
Mark Nuttall
Professor and Henry Marshall Tory Chair
Anthropology of the Arctic and North Atlantic; human-environment relations; sustainability of living marine resources; climate change; locality, identity and memory; Greenland; Alaska; Canada; Scotland; Scandinavia
Andie Palmer
Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate Program)
Cultural and linguistic anthropology; discourse analysis; narratives of place; oral history; Aboriginal rights and title in the courts; Interior and Coast Salish; Northwest Coast; Maori and Pakeha relations, Aotearoa New Zealand 
Kisha Supernant
Associate Professor
Archaeological mapping, Northwest Coast archaeology, indigenous archaeology, landscape archaeology
Helen Vallianatos
Associate Professor
Anthropology of food, gender, body, health, mobilities and immigration, South Asian and Southwest Asian diasporic communities in Canada, anthropology of the senses
Andrzej Weber
Northeast Asia (Baikal, Hokkaido), Holocene hunter–gatherers, hunter–gatherer method and theory, archaeological science, subsistence and diet, mobility patterns, mortuary ritual, and social complexity
Pamela Willoughby
Professor and Chair
Palaeolithic archaeology; Palaeoanthropology; origin and dispersal of modern humans; African Stone Age prehistory; Lithic analysis; Archaeological method and theory
Marko Zivkovic
Associate Professor
Social/cultural anthropology; politics; post-socialism; expressive culture; art; East-Central Europe; Mediterranean; Japan

Contract Instructors


Basit Iqbal
Paulina Johnson
Christine Kennedy
Kate Kingsbury
Francois Larose
Andrew Lints 




Adjunct Professors


Alwynne Beaudoin
Curator, Quaternary Environments
Royal Alberta Museum
Chris Fletcher
Laval University
Kate Kingsbury
Social and cultural anthropology, religion, alterity, gender, youth, performance, West Africa, Mouridiyya, politics, modernity and globalisation, ontological anthropology, symbolic anthropology, existential anthropology, material culture, post-modernism  
Leslie Main Johnson

Karyne Rabey

Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicince and Dentistry 
Heather Young-Leslie


Professors Emeriti


Michael I Asch 
Social structure, ethnomusicology, political anthropology; hunting-trapping economics; Subarctic

Harold B Barclay

Political organization, utopian communities, nature and origin of the state, culture and anarchism, religion and agriculture; Middle East
Owen Beattie
Physical anthropology; forensic anthropology; human osteology; North America
Anthony D Fisher
Social change; anthropology and education; alcohol abuse; North America
Milton MR Freeman
Ecology, traditional resources management, applied anthropology; Arctic, North Pacific

Ruth Gruhn

Prehistoric archaeology, ethnology, language prehistory; Middle and South America

Clifford G Hickey

Ethnohistory, economics, subsistence economies in the modern world, culture change, development, sustainable forest management and aboriginal communities; circumpolar
Raymond Le Blanc
Prehistoric archaeology; lithic and bone technology; Alberta archaeology; arctic; subarctic; North America
Nancy Lovell
Evidence of trauma and disease to determine diet and biological relationships in human skeletal remains from archaeological sites (esp. Egypt); trauma and disease in non-human primate skeletons; ethnohistorical study of cemeteries in western Canada; mortuary archaeology
David Lubell
Prehistoric archeology and cultural ecology, transition to food production; Circummediterranean, southern Europe, northern Africa
Lisa Philips
Discourse and society; First Nations and state relations; borderlands, migration and identity; ethnohistory; language and politics; hegemonic processes; folklore
Charles Schweger
Paleoecology; geoarchaeology; quaternary biology; palynology; climate-cultural change; Alaska; Yukon; western North America; Scandinavia; Greenland
Carl Urion
Anthropological linguistics, anthropology and education; North America, Belize
David E Young
Psychological and cognitive anthropology, anthropology of religion, medical anthropology, anthropological aesthetics, material culture; East Asia