Lisa Claypool

Associate Professor, History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture 
Coordinator, History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture

Office: 3-89B Fine Arts Building
(780) 248-1758

Areas of Teaching and Research

Lisa Claypool researches paintings, textile patterns, and porcelain designs by artists and designers in modern China who obsessed over cicadas, gingko leaves, Cenozoic rocks, and the colours of bird feathers. Currently she is thinking about the ink painter Fu Baoshi and the Fushun coal mines in China.

She is about to start a project about painters' and art historians' forgetfulness and the desire to do something without knowing how or why.

Lisa Claypool teaches introductory courses about art now and China's design revolution; undergraduate seminars on the Forbidden City and China in Europe: Europe in China; graduate seminars on ecoart in China and on the ways art historians touch and are touched by objects. Please explore her course websites.

She is happy to supervise graduate students interested in modern art and art now in China with a focus on intra-cultural visualities, on science, technology, and craft design, and on radical histories of brush-and-ink painting.

Lisa Claypool at the Fu Baoshi Memorial Hall in Nanjing 南京傅抱石纪念馆


MA University of Chicago, 1990; MA University of Oregon, 1994; PhD Stanford University, 2001.

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