BDes Engineering Route

As an industrial design student in the Engineering Route, you have the opportunity to tap into the considerable resources of the Faculty of Engineering. An introduction to the field of engineering will give you valuable insight into the relationship between industrial design and engineering, and the understanding critical for close collaboration between industrial designers and engineers.

The engineering courses in this Route will help you become a valuable contributor to the development of user-friendly and effective products. You'll develop a solid framework for combining your unique knowledge of the human factors involved in product design with the expertise of engineers, and gain valuable experience work in the types of teams you may need to deal with in a future career.

Program Requirements (*120)


You can download a draft program checklist for planning purposes or scroll down to see a list of required courses.

Important Notes about BDes Program Requirements

  • BDes students must carry a minimum course load of 24 credits (eight 3-credit classes) over each Fall and Winter. Therefore the program will generally take between 4 and 5 years.
  • Arts and Science options can not be met with ART, DES or HADVC classes. Your "Arts or Science options" courses must come from any other Department within the Faculty of Arts or Faculty of Science. The only exception to this rule can be found in the final line of the Year 4 program requirements (please see below).
  • "Senior" level options must be 200-level courses or higher.
  • If you transfer into the BDes program with credit from ART 134 and DES 135 (or 6* of equivalent first year studio courses), they will take the place of ART 136 and DES 138. You will make up the missing 6* of studios with any ART or DES courses at any point in your degree.
  • Students may adjust the sequencing of some of the courses below provided that prerequisite course requirements are met for any courses you wish to take.
  • You can generally replace a lower level course with a higher level course for unspecified ART, DES, and options requirements, but not the other way around. For instance you can replace an open "300-level DES" requirement with a 500-level DES class, or a 100-level arts/science option with a 300-level arts/science option.
  • Registration process for ENGG, MEC E, and CIV E classes is below.

Year 1 (*30)

  1. ART 136 and 137 (*3/*3)
  2. DES 138 and 139 (*3/*3)
  3. ART 240 (*3)
  4. HADVC 100 or HADVC 200-level (*3)
  5. 100-level ENGL (*3/*3)
  6. MATH 144 and 146 (*3/*3)

Year 2 (*30)

  1. DES 300/301 (*3/*3)
  2. DES 302/303 (*3/*3)
  3. ART or DES (300-level) (*6)
  4. ART 340 (*3)
  5. ENGG 130 (*3)
  6. HADVC 209 (*3)
  7. HADVC 200-level (*3)

Year 3 (*30)

  1. DES 400/401 (*3/*3)
  2. DES 402/403 (*3/*3)
  3. DES 483 (*3)
  4. HADVC 300-level (*3)
  5. Arts or Science options (100- or 200-level) (*3)
  6. MATH 125 (*3)
  7. CIV E 270 (*3)
  8. MEC E 265 (*3)

Year 4 (*30)

  1. DES 500/501 (*3/*3)
  2. DES 502/503 (*3/*3)
  3. ART or DES (300-, 400-, or 500-level (*3/*3)
  4. MEC E 260 (*3)
  5. MEC E 364 (*3)
  6. Arts or Sciences options (200- or 300-level) or HADVC 4XX (*3/*3)

Engineering course registration procedures (ENGG, MEC E, CIV E)

  • Please adhere to the restrictions set by the departments and faculties offering the courses. It may be necessary to take courses in spring and/or summer terms.
  • In order to request registration in these courses, please wait until the timetable for the new year is up, build your schedule, and then email your requests for your ENGG/MEC E/CIV E courses to with the subject line "Attn Kate: BDes Engineering Registration"
    • Please copy me (
    • PLEASE make your emails courteous and clear, and include your:
      • Full Name
      • ID #
      • Degree program
      • Specify that the course is a requirement for your BDes Engineering Route degree program
      • Course name, number, section and 5 digit codes for all components including lectures, labs and seminars.

ENGG 130 (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Engineering)

CIV E 270 (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

  • Select Fall Term section
  • Engineering route students tell us it's best to take this before MEC E 260 and 265

MEC E 265 (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

  • Engineering route students tell us it's best to take MEC E 260 and 265 at the same time.

MEC E 260 (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

  • Engineering route students tell us it's best to take MEC E 260 and 265 simultaneously.

MEC E 364 (Department of Mechanical Engineering)

  • * Engineering needs to hear from you as soon as possible in March if you need this!
  • Prerequisite: MEC E 260.