Food & Dining


Food & beverages will be served to you, but we still want to encourage you to come for seconds for the Hot Meals, Salads, Beverages, Desserts or anything we are serving at that meal. We will  be offering cereal, breads and whole fruits at every meal.


Every year Food Services provides several meals that reflect a particular theme. During international week, menu items are featured from countries that reflect where our students are from. Christmas, Shrove Tuesday and other special occasions are part of the surprise!


Students must self-identify to the food services staff to sign-up for an alternate choice to the main entrée option including:

  • Low Fat
  • No Pork
  • Vegetarian
  • Lactose Intolerant
  • Gluten Free
  • Specific Allergies
  • Paleo
  • Halal

Our goal is to provide students with the best possible choices. We may not be able to accommodate every dietary need.


Whole grains, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and low fat items are all part of good choices for all of us. Students can choose from a number of options.

  • Fresh whole fruit available at every meal.
  • Cold Cereal with whole grain options available at every meal.
  • Breads with whole grain options available at every meal.
  • Students can sign up for the low-fat entrée option.
  • Fruit juices available at every meal.


An extensive beverage "bar" is available at every meal. Included items are:

  • Fair Trade Coffee & Tea
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Fruit Juices
  • Milk (including skim milk)
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Fountain Soda Pop

Beverages are all-you-can-drink but we ask that students not bring in and fill up outside containers.