Rights and Responsibilities


Students living in residence at the University have the right to:

  1. Be treated with dignity and respect;
  2. A safe, secure environment, whether in private, shared, common or public space;
  3. A living environment free from threats, fear, intimidation, harassment or abuse;
  4. Learn, study, and express beliefs, opinions and values, while respecting the safety, security, and dignity of other community members;
  5. Communicate concerns to their peers, neighbours, roommates, Residence Life staff, or other University officials;
  6. Enjoy the social benefits of living in a residence community and equal access to common areas and their contents;
  7. Privacy and control of their private living space, within the limits of the Residence Agreement;
  8. Have their personal property respected;
  9. An environment with noise levels conducive to academic pursuits, according to the guidelines established for each University Residence community; and
  10. Be free from pressure to do anything unsafe, or anything that compromises their dignity or that of another.


Students living in residence at the University have the responsibility to:

  1. Treat other Residents and staff members with dignity and respect, including in virtual environments;
  2. Respect the property of other residents and of the University;
  3. Respect the rights of others to their beliefs, values and opinions, whether or not they agree;
  4. Foster a community in which all Residents are free to pursue their academic goals, in accordance with the University's academic mission;
  5. Be respectful when communicating concerns to peers, neighbours, roommates, and staff, and participate constructively when engaging in conflict resolution;
  6. Comply with all safety procedures and contribute to maintaining a safe environment;
  7. Respect and abide by any formal or informal agreements made with other residents, Residence Life staff or Student Staff;
  8. Only use alcohol or other drugs in a manner consistent with legislation, University policies, their own health and safety, and the health and safety of others;
  9. Act in a way that conforms to the Residence specific rules (for example, French Language at Residence Saint-Jean, the alcohol-free environment at Augustana, the Global Education program at International House, cohort and theme communities, noise designations, cleanliness expectations and other rules as outlined on the Residence Services website);
  10. Contribute to an inclusive environment in which all members of the Residence Community are allowed to participate in social, academic, and other activities.

In addition, Residents are responsible for ensuring that their guests are informed of the above rights and responsibilities and behave accordingly. Residents will be held accountable for the actions of their guests, should those actions cause Harm to an individual and/or the residence community.