AASUA Collective Bargaining Info Update

16 February 2022

The university is committed to providing timely and relevant information to employees on collective bargaining. As the U of A and AASUA prepare to start mediation this Friday, February 18, we’ve refreshed the U of A Bargaining website and included two new sections:

The U of A Bargaining website is the university’s official source for university news and updates on collective bargaining. The community information resources found on the U of A Bargaining website will continue to be updated and expanded as needed and as additional information becomes available. You will receive notifications to your ualberta inbox when significant information is added.

In case you missed it

A message to U of A employees: As the U of A and AASUA prepare for this next stage of the bargaining process, we want to ensure that academic staff and others fully understand how the parties have reached this stage.