Clean Air Working Group

The Clean Air Working Group was tasked by University Provost Steven Dew with developing a set of recommendations to bring to senior administration in response to the following motion of the university's General Faculties Council:

To develop a clean air strategy to minimize student, staff, and faculty exposure to smoke from cigarettes, inhaled cannabis, vapes and hookah pipes.

The group began its deliberations in February of 2019 and expects to bring recommendations forward to university administration by summer.

Membership in the Working Group

Aman Litt, Residence Services
Andrew Leitch, RMS - co-chair
Denis Fontaine, CSJ
Marc Waddingham, GSA
Giles Rieger, Human Resource Services
Gregory Lembke, Saville Sports Centre
Jard Larsen, SU
Jillian Hamilton, University Relations
Kevin Friese, DOS- co-chair
Les Hagen, School of Public Health
Michael Splinter, Enterprise Sq
Nadine Badry, Faculty/NASA
Patrick Patterson, PDF Association, School of Public Health
Sean McMurtry, GFC/FoMD
Tricia Beaudry, First Peoples’ House
Wendy Doughty, Dean of Students