Clean Air Working Group

The Clean Air Working Group was asked to develop a set of recommendations in response to a request of the university's General Faculties Council " develop a clean air strategy to minimize student, staff and faculty exposure to smoke from cigarettes, inhaled cannabis, vapes and hookah pipes."

A Clean Air Working Group was formed in 2018 with representation from units and organizations across the university. From 2019 to 2021, the Group's work included wide ranging consultations and discussions with students and student associations, faculty, staff (including NASA), Board Audit and Risk Committee, Students’ Councils, GFC (February and June 2021), and GFC Executive (January and September 2021). A campus wide survey of stakeholder groups (that included those living in residences) and a public survey were also conducted.


Working Group Members

  • Geoff Rode, Residence Services
  • Denis Fontaine, CSJ
  • Marc Waddingham, GSA
  • Giles Rieger, Human Resource Services
  • Gregory Lembke, Saville Sports Centre
  • Jillian Hamilton, University Relations
  • Kevin Friese, DOS - co-chair
  • Les Hagen, School of Public Health
  • Michael Splinter, Enterprise Square
  • Nadine Badry, Faculty/NASA
  • Patrick Patterson, PDF Association, School of Public Health
  • Sean McMurtry, GFC/FoMD
  • Randal Nickel, Augustana Campus
  • Juste Kagisye, CSJ

Past Members

  • Tricia Beaudry
  • Wendy Doughty
  • Andrew Leitch
  • Jared Larsen