Since 1976, the Institute has been bringing Ukrainian studies and knowledge about Ukraine into the North American scholarly mainstream. Four decades of accomplishments have helped define the direction and pace of development of Ukrainian studies not only in North America, but also in Europe and Ukraine. This development has not only connected academic communities, but also helped give the University of Alberta a national and international presence and reputation.

The three main research areas within the Institute are Ukrainian-Canadian Studies, Ukrainian Studies, and Ukrainian Language Pedagogical Resources.  Within these three areas, the Institute has cultivated working relationships with academic institutes and scholars both abroad and throughout Canada. As the Institute’s 40th Anniversary approaches in 2016, we continue to pursue our endeavours with the excellence that has shaped decades of scholarship, publication, research, teaching, and academic activities.

ULEC publishes a wide variety of Ukrainian language educational resource material for primary and secondary school teachers and students.

ULEC co-sponsors inservices to serve the professional development needs of Ukrainian-language teachers. As well, we house a large collection of resource materials (including a film, video and audio library) for the use of teachers.

ULEC is a proud member of the Ukrainian Knowledge Internet Portal Consortium Association (UKiP-CA), developers of oomroom.com, your online center of Ukrainian Language Learning educational resources for students, teachers, and parents.