Card Deck

The card-deck class is a Bootstrap 4 class that is being deprecated for Bootstrap 5 in favour of the standard row and col classes. We will retain the card-deck class as a custom class in our new CSS as a way to retain these styles. It is not necessary to update your card-deck classes. 

However, we highly recommend that you do update these classes as the new Bootstrap 5 approach provides more control, responds better at different display sizes and ensures that your styles won’t break with any future updates.

Card deck classes

  • The biggest change is that card-deck class gets replaced by the Bootstrap row and col classes
  • The card div now needs to be wrapped by col div to use the row and col classes.
  • The image, header and paragraph classes for the card content do not change.
  • row-cols-1 sets the default display as a single column of cards. 
  • row-cols-md-3 sets the display as a three-column layout for medium screen sizes and above.
  • If you wanted more cards per row on larger screens you could add classes such as row-cols-lg-4 to the row div.
  • g-4 sets the gutter space between columns and rows as 1.5 rems.
  • The h-100 class on the card div sets the cards on the same row to the same height

Card Grid Documentation:

This change can be made and published before August 3.