Virtual Poster Showcase and Teaching Exhibition

Members of the teaching and learning community at the University of Alberta were invited to contribute academic posters and or teaching exhibitions to the 2022 Festival of Teaching and Learning that align with the theme: "(Re)Imagining Post-Pandemic Pedagogies: Critical, Creative, and Affective Reflections on Where We Are Now, Where We've Come From, and Where We're Hoping to Go."

Check out the posters and videos throughout the Festival. Then on Wednesday, May 4th between 10:15 am - 10:45 am, drop in for discussion & Q+A with any (or all) of the authors!

Decolonizing our Approaches to Teaching Economics

Laurel Wheeler (Arts)


The Perceptions of Dental Hygiene Students About an Asynchronous Oral Biology Course

Nazlee Sharmin & Ava K. Chow (Medicine & Dentistry)


Empowering the International Student Voice in University Courses: Practical Tips and Strategies from ELS instructors

Zuzana Buchanan, Barbara Edmondson & Sofia Elgueta Duplancic (Education)


Developing a Digitally Immersive Clinical Experience

Jen Dewhurst, Brian Chwyl & Cody Wesley (Medicine & Dentistry)