Indigenization, Decolonization and Anti-Racism

Computer Accessibility

Having access to computers and / or technology can create barriers for students when participating in online or remote learning (please see synchronous and asynchronous teaching). Students may be sharing a computer, have unstable wifi, or not have access to technology at all.

Selfe, C. L., Selfe, R. J. (1994). The politics of the interface: Power and its exercise in electronic contact zones. College Composition and Communication, 45, 480–504. 

Additional Resources

  • For more information and support, check the Accessibility Resources page for instructors and for students.
  • WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool is a Chrome extension that can be used to assess your eClass site’s accessibility. This tool will also show you how to fix the errors. Some students may have visual acuity issues that we are unaware of and WAVE helps us to see how we can make our course sites more accessible.

Indigenizing and Decolonizing Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning endures to create a teaching and learning environment and community that focuses on reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and communities.  

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