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The Chester Ronning Centre works with many people who are invested in issues concerning religion and public life, including students, faculty, community members, and representatives from various religious groups.

Joseph Wiebe

Joseph Wiebe


Wiebe is an associate professor of Religion and Ecology in the Ethics and Global Studies at the University of Alberta, Augustana. His Book, The Place of Imagination: Wendell Berry and the Poetics of Community, Affection, and Identity, has received academic praise in Reading Religion, ISLE, Anglican Theological Review, Christianity and Literature, Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics, and Christian Century. It is a critical reading of Berry's fiction that emphasizes the role of imagination in community and environmental ethics. His current project is researching the influence of settler colonialism on Mennonite environmental imagination and eco-theology.

When Wiebe isn’t building Lego or playing Switch with his family, he’s having a pint, rolling d20s, breaking down the Winnipeg Jets' myriad problems, or talking about books he hasn’t read with his kindred spirits.

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Danielle Doel

Program Coordinator

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