Evaluation of the In School Mentoring Program

Principal Investigator: Jeff Bisanz
Funders: Alberta Learning, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area, Edmonton Community Foundation, ACCFCR and an anonymous donor
Duration: 2001-2007

An evaluation of the citywide literacy-based In-School Mentoring program developed and delivered by Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area in collaboration with the Centre for Family Literacy.

The evaluation plan was divided into two phases:

  • Phase I focused on the implementation of ISM
  • Phase II focused on "mentoring in practice" and subsequent outcomes

Phase I results provided valuable information on program design, goals and delivery, development of relationships, communications, program changes, impact and improvement, and overall satisfaction.

Phase II results from surveys, focus groups, and individual case studies revealed that:

  1. mentors seek to help their students develop socially as well as academically
  2. mentors use a wide variety of strategies for engaging their students
  3. schools vary widely in the extent to which they provide functional support for mentoring activities
  4. mentors and students tend to be highly satisfied with the program
  5. mentors observe marked improvements in social development and reading among some of their students


Evaluating Literacy-Based In-School Mentoring, Phase I Final Report
Evaluation of the Edmonton In-School Mentoring Program, Phase II Final Report
Prospects for Aboriginal Mentoring: A Preliminary Review