Seminar Guidelines


Seminars must fit within a one-hour time slot. Presentations are around 45-50 minutes with 10-15 minutes for questions.


  • (Ph.D. only) The initial seminar presentation can be either the student's own work, or a survey.
  • (Ph.D. only) The second seminar presentation is typically a comprehensive survey of the state-of-the-art with respect to the thesis topic; this is typically delivered around the time of the candidacy exam, to the student's research group.
  • The final seminar presentation (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) must be a summary of the dissertation (thesis) and should be delivered close to and before the defense. It must be delivered immediately prior to the defense if being combined with the defense.


  • Seminars must be presented on campus at the University of Alberta
  • Seminars must be publicly announced (see below)
  • Presentations at conferences, workshops, etc. do NOT qualify
    • However, holding a practice run of a presentation on campus DOES qualify


  • All presentations should be open to the public
  • We encourage supervisors and other attendees to discuss the presentation - both content and form - with the presenter
  • There is no formal evaluation for the presentations

Making Arrangements for Your Seminar

  • Schedule your seminar with your supervisor
    • For seminars presented in person your Supervisor  books a room for the seminar
    • If the seminar is being presented online, the supervisor and/or student creates the link for the seminar
  • Enter the seminar title, time and date into Grad DB
    • For final oral presentations, the supervisor enters the information when scheduling the final oral exam
    • For the other two seminars (Ph.D. only), the student enters the information as part of their progress report
  • Publicly announce your seminar by completing this form: