M.Sc. Course-Based Timeline


As of July 2021, the general Course-Based MSc in Computing Science is no longer offered and has been discontinued indefinitely. Other course-based programs such as MSc in Multimedia (MM) and MSc in Internetworking (MINT) are still available.

This information is for current students only.


See the following sample schedule to track your progress. (Shift timelines for a Winter start.)

  • Residency requirement: There is no residency requirement for course-based students.
  • Program length: You are encouraged to finish your Master's program within 2 years; at most, you could take up to 6 years - continuation after this time requires a Program Extension that must be approved by both the department and FGSR
MSc. Course-Based Timeline
Year Timeframe Tasks

Year 1
Course Work

(Fall - Term 1)

  • CMPUT 603
  • 2 other courses

(Winter - Term 2)

  • 2 - 3 courses


Year 2
Course Work & Capstone

(Fall - Term 3)

  • 2 - 3 courses

(Winter - Term 4)

  • Capstone
  • Remaining courses (if applicable)


for Spring Convocation

*Once the capstone course is complete, the capstone supervisor should send the signed form to the Graduate Program Administrator who will submit the form to FGSR.