BioInformatics involves the application of computing science techniques to solve problems in biological and medical science. It applies techniques from machine learning, data mining, AI, optimization, visualization and simulation and develops new techniques as required. The group is actively working on a wide range of problems in genomics and proteomics including the design of new fundamental algorithms for: 3-D structure prediction, NMR spectrum analysis and multiple sequence alignment, as well as web-based tools for automatic high-throughput sequence annotation.

Research Groups

  • Proteome Analyst Research Group : Works on a web-based system for predicting various properties of each protein in an entire proteome.
  • Medical Informatics: We are involved with a wide range of projects, in collaboration with many teams of medical researchers/clinicians, to produce systems that effectively learn classifiers that make accurate predictions about future patients. We are now dealing with various cancers (breast, brain, leukemia), transplant, diabetes, stroke, and depression.


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