Beeperbot Tutorial

(These are the steps for running the BeeperBot software in the Cmput 101 lab environment)

  1. Start BeeperBot (BB).

  2. Once the application is started, you should now see a screen that looks similar to this:

  3. In the Initial World Pane, enter:

    robot 4 3 N

  4. Click World-Save World As. A Save window will pop up.

  5. In the Save window, navigate to your home directory by clicking the house icon (in the upper right; when you hover over it, it'll say "Home"). This is where your files will be stored. In the drop down list beside 'Save In:', you should see a folder with your login id. Save this file as step1_wld.txt. This is the world created by the statement, robot 4 3 N.

  6. In the World Pane, click the 'Reset' button. You should now see the robot positioned at the coordinates (4,3) facing north. It should look like this:

  7. In the Program Pane, position your cursor on line 2 and enter the program statements:


    Indent your code so it's easier for others to read.

    These instructions will move the robot four spaces ahead.

  8. Click File-Save Program As

  9. Navigate to your home directory and save this file as step1_pgm.txt.

  10. Click the 'Run' button to test the program.

  11. As a result of executing the program in step1_pgm.txt, BB has moved 4 steps north. The World Pane will now look like this: