Art Print Gift to Graduating Class

The Intersection by Jasmine Maghera
The Intersection by Jasmine Maghera

Each year, the University of Alberta Alumni Association commissions an original piece of art as a gift to graduating students to congratulate them on their convocation. This exclusive gift welcomes them to the alumni community, and serves as a lasting reminder of the student's time on campus and their ongoing relationship with the university. Graduating students will receive this work of art, commissioned for the Class of 2021, as part of their convocation package.

In The Intersection, MSc student Jasmine Maghera, ‘19 BSc showcases the University of Alberta Powerplant during the colourful autumn time. This building has had many iterations over the years: once a power plant, then a research laboratory to James Collip (co-discoverer of insulin), and now Dewey's, where students often celebrate their triumphs and failures.

“I believe this piece is relevant to the time and climate the students have each endured through the completion of their degrees. Though the COVID-19 pandemic brought unimaginable uncertainty, it also taught life lessons on how to seek opportunity through uncertain times. Each student that graduates in 2022 has shown incredible resilience to get to this point and will need to remember that resilience in all future intersections they encounter in life. Not only that, but this year marks the 100th year for the discovery of insulin, I believe commemorating the building that once housed Dr Collip's laboratory is important to showcase the amazing contribution that the University of Alberta has made to the entire world.”

The piece was done using alcohol ink, acrylic paint and fine tip acrylic paint marker to capture the vibrance and colour of the area. The unpredictable nature of the alcohol ink was used in the piece to guide tree patterns and symbolizes the tumultuous and exciting transition each student faces upon graduation. The bright, crisp colours capture the beauty and unpredictability of the fall season.