Respiratory Science

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The measurement of Cough Peak Flows to predict liberation from mechanical ventilation or tracheostomy in respiratory and neurological subgroups of critically ill patients (CPF) Dr. J Kutsogiannis RAH-ICU
The Use of Capnographic Late Dead Space Fraction and Clinical Prediction Rules in the Prediction of Pulmonary Embolism in Critically Ill Patients Undergoing Computed Tomography of the Chest or Ventilation Perfusion Scanning (Deadspace) Dr. J Kutsogiannis RAH-ICU
The Frequency of Screening and SBT Technique Trial: The FAST Trial A North American Weaning Collaboration (FAST) Dr. J Kutsogiannis RAH-ICU
Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation: A 10 year provincial Retrospective Cohort Study Dr. E MacIntyre MIS-ICU
Best Practices In Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation: A Qualitative Examination of Patient, Family and Healthcare Provider Perspectives. Dr. E MacIntyre MIS-ICU