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CCC Podcast

Critical Care Commute is a podcast from Peter Brindley and Leon Byker, both proud full-time Intensivists in Edmonton, and members of the University of Alberta’s Department of Critical Care Medicine.

The podcast’s goal is to let the widest range of experts talk about the widest range of relevant topics, and to make it unashamedly practical and useful for the listener. In addition to many world-renowned names, Peter and Leon engage with those you ought to know, and those with something important- perhaps even provocative- to say. This is because the best Critical Care Medicine means learning from the broadest and the brightest; not only academics, and not just medical doctors. Each episode can also be consumed during an average commute, hence the podcast’s name. 

Alberta is fascinating place encompassing extreme distance, extreme meteorology and at times, extreme culture. The opening season highlights this corner of the world, all the while keeping it down to 20 engaging minutes, and with at least one take home point for each of the digits on your dominant hand.

Join them by following the links as they tease apart science, opinion, and marketing, and all in name of the best possible patient-focused and team-based critical care.

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