Investigator Area of Interest
Dr. Sean Bagshaw acute kidney injury and renal replacement therapy in critical illness
epidemiology, care processes and outcomes of frail and vulnerable patients with critical illness
ICU capacity and strain, operations management
Dr. Peter Brindley human factors, crisis resource management and medical communication
airway management and resuscitation
prognostication and end of life care
resilience and wellbeing in healthcare workers
Dr. Brian Buchannan

critical care ultrasound
medical education
VR-based learning
critical thinking

Dr. Lawrence Cheung medical education
residency program accreditation
Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury
Dr. Mike Jacka perioperative medicine
health system performance
Dr. Constantine Karvellas acute liver failure: Clinical and translational collaboration (US ALFSG)
acute on chronic liver failure (cirrhosis and critical illness)
clinical outcomes in liver transplantation
artificial liver support/extracorporeal blood purification
Dr. Rachel Khadaroo
Dr. Jim Kutsiogiannis
Dr. Vincent Lau health services and systems research
health economic evaluations and health technology assessment (trial and model methodology)
patient-reported outcomes and health-related quality-of-life
medical informatics
systematic reviews, meta-analysis, guideline development
Dr. Kimberley Macala
Dr. Erika MacIntyre chronic and Home Ventilation
non-invasive ventilation
pediatric to adult transitions
Dr. Arabesque Parker
Dr. Oleksa Rewa critical care nephrology
health services
systems research
Dr. Wendy Sligl sepsis
nosocomial infection
antimicrobial stewardship
transplantation and immune compromise
Dr. Sandy Widder trauma
acute care surgery
quality improvement
team dynamics
Dr Sean van Diepen critical care cardiology
cardiovascular surgical care
cardiogenic shock
cardiac arrest care
Dr. David Zygun