To determine the efficacy and safety of use of the enteral vasoactive agent (i.e., midodrine hydrochloride) to facilitate earlier liberation from continuous infusion of IV vasopressor therapy in critically ill patients with vasoplegia.

Detailed Description

Resuscitation and hemodynamic support with intravenous (IV) vasopressors is a prime indication of treatment in intensive care unit (ICU) settings. Oral vasopressors, such as midodrine, have been historically used for hemodynamic support in non-critically ill patients, but their study in patients as a potential IV vasopressor sparing therapy has been limited. Previous studies evaluating the use of midodrine have been small in scale and limited to septic patients. The LIBERATE study will evaluate the expanded role of midodrine for any vasoplegic patient supported in ICU settings.


The LIBERATE Trial is a multicentre, concealed-allocation parallel-group blinded RCT. The trial will randomly allocate 1000 to either midodrine (enteral, 10mg every 8h) or placebo for the duration of their IV vasopressor therapy and 24 hours after discontinuation of their IV vasopressor therapy. 

Study Population

Patients admitted to Critical Care Units, ≥ 18 years of age and receiving intravenous vasopressor support.

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