Dr. Oleksa Rewa
Director - Research and Innovation

The goal of research within the Department of Critical Care Medicine is to allow every practitioner to contribute to the general body of knowledge. All attending medical staff, residents and allied health professionals contribute to critical care research and to the betterment of patient care.

Research is part of our daily clinical practice. All aspects of medical practice have some foundation in evidence. Depending on the strength of that evidentiary foundation, the frequency of its clinical occurrence, and the existence of an evaluation method, research adds to our understanding and delivery of medical care.


Theme Site Investigator
Acute Liver Failure none currently
Critical Care Cardiology MAZ-CVICU

Dr. M Moon
Dr. J Senaratne

Critical Care Nephrology GSICU Dr. S Bagshaw
Dr. O Rewa
Frailty GSICU Dr. O Rewa
Health Systems & Services none currently
Infectious Disease GNH-ICU
Dr. J Kutsogiannis
Dr. E MacIntyre
Dr. N Lee
Dr. C O'Neil
Dr. O Rewa
Dr. G Singh
Dr. W Sligl
Medical Education none currently
Neurosciences RAH-ICU Dr. Fox
Dr. J Kutsogiannis
Dr. Mahmoud
Perioperative Medicine MIS-ICU

E Papathanassoglou
Dr. O Rewa
K Scherr

Respiratory Sciences MIS-ICU
Dr. E Macintrye
Dr. J Kutsogiannis