Current Students


Where to get your U-Pass

You will require a Spring/Summer 2018 sticker to take advantage of the U-Pass from May 1 - August 31, 2018.

Regular pick up
All InfoLink locations across campus are distributing the Spring/Summer 2018 U-Pass during regular hours, starting April 16, 2018.


All students registered on-campus in at least one for-credit course at the University of Alberta Edmonton Campuses during the Fall, Winter and/or Spring/Summer term will be assessed the U-Pass fee.

The following students are exempt from the U-Pass:

  • Students at Augustana
  • Students enrolled only in the Executive MBA program
  • Graduate students designated as Off-campus Thesis students
  • Faculty of Extension Students (including those in the English Language Program)

Students who are exempt from the U-Pass program are not eligible to opt-in.

U-Pass Replacements

Replacement Costs

 Replacement Period   
 for Spring/Summer 2018 Stickers

 Replacement Cost 
 U-Pass Rate effective May 1, 2018

 May 1 - May 31  @100% of rate: $145.00
 June 1 - June 30
 @75% of rate: $108.75
 July 1 - July 31
 @50% of rate: $72.50
 August 1 - August 31
 @25% of rate: $36.25

Process for U-Pass Replacement if stolen

If your U-Pass sticker was stolen you will be required to purchase a replacement at the InfoLink ONEcard Service Centre in HUB Mall at the pro-rated cost.

You will then need to file a police report with the RCMP or Edmonton Police Service with a detailed description of what happened. It is very important that the narrative section of the report be completed fully with a thorough description of the theft. Bring a copy of the filed police report with the detailed description to the Dean of Students Office for review and consideration for a possible refund of the replacement cost.


Students can apply for an exemption to the U-Pass if they fall into one of the categories listed below:

  • An employee of one of the participating transit systems,
  • A student with a valid disabled transit registration,
  • A student with a valid CNIB registration card,
  • A student also registered at either NAIT, MacEwan University, NorQuest, or
  • A thesis student conducting research out of the transit service area for more than 2 months of the term (you must provide a letter from your supervisor confirming this with your application).

To apply for an exemption

  • Visit the Student Access Centre on the main floor of the Administration Building.
  • If you are a student on a co-op or work experience program and your placement is outside of the transit service area, please go to your co-op or work experience office to apply for an exemption to the U-Pass.

Deadlines to apply
December 31 for the Fall term, April 30 for the Winter term, and August 31 for the Spring/Summer term.

If you intend to apply for an exemption, do not pick-up your U-Pass sticker.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The U-Pass is not valid until the U-Pass sticker is affixed to the proper location on the ONEcard.
  2. The U-Pass is non-transferable and may only be used by the Student to whom the U-Pass is issued.
  3. Edmonton Transit, Strathcona Transit, St. Albert Transit, Leduc Transit, Fort Saskatchewan Transit, and Spruce Grove Transit reserve the right to verify the validity of any Student's U-Pass.
  4. A Student who fails to comply with the rules, regulations, policies and bylaws of Edmonton Transit, Strathcona Transit, St. Albert Transit, Leduc Transit, Fort Saskatchewan Transit, and Spruce Grove Transit respecting ridership may have his ridership privileges revoked without refund of the U-Pass Fee.
  5. Edmonton Transit, Strathcona Transit, St. Albert Transit, Leduc Transit, Fort Saskatchewan Transit, and Spruce Grove Transit reserve the right to modify their respective transit routes and schedules.
  6. The Fall term U-Pass sticker is valid from August 25 - December 31, the Winter term U-Pass sticker is valid from January 1 - April 30 and the Spring/Summer term is valid from May 1 - August 31. A new sticker is required for each term.

PLEASE NOTE: The Transit services provide no grace period for the U-Pass. You must have the proper sticker attached to your ID card prior to using transit. If you do not have the sticker, be prepared to pay. The fine for fare evasion on Edmonton Transit is $250.

Common Questions

What is U-Pass?

The Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) is an initiative of the Students' Union and the Graduate Students' Association, the local transit authorities, and the University of Alberta to deliver affordable and sustainable transit to the students of the University of Alberta. In 2007, students of the University voted to accept a mandatory fee assessment for the U-Pass.

A U-Pass is a valid sticker affixed to your student ONEcard.

U-Pass stickers can be picked up during regular InfoLink operating hours.

How does the U-Pass program work?

U-Pass is a group discount program, which lowers the cost of transit for University of Alberta students.

The U-Pass program is available for all students, graduate and undergraduate, registered in classes in the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer Terms. The U-Pass is much lower than the cost of purchasing monthly passes for the same period of time because costs are spread over a large participant base. 

U-Pass fees are collected by the University and transferred to transit providers to help fund the transit service.

What does U-Pass look like?

The U-Pass sticker will be affixed to your ONEcard at the time of issue.