Disclosure Services

Making a Disclosure 

The Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights provides a safe, neutral and confidential space for people to disclose concerns about how university policies, procedures or ethical standards are being applied.   This includes concerns about fraud, discrimination, harassment and bullying or research misconduct. This site is also a central resource for reporting concerns about individuals at risk.  

For more information or to make a disclosure contact OSDHR by email at osdhr@ualberta.ca or telephone at 780.492.7478.  Alternatively, you can file an online report using the online reporting tool

Reporting an Individual at Risk

To report an individual at risk click here


The University of Alberta commits to providing a safe work and study environment for all staff, students, faculty, and members of our volunteer community. To bring this commitment alive, the university has put in place a human rights and safe disclosure office where any member of the university community can bring forward a concern about any kind of wrongdoing. When coming forward with any type of wrong doing, the process is generally within the control of the person reporting. The exception is when there is imminent danger to self or others. In such cases, the university is  required to follow relevant legislation and policies. If you are not sure where to go to talk about concerns such as safety violations, financial mismanagement, ethical concerns, discrimination or harassment, inappropriate research activity involving people or animals, or individuals at risk of harm to self or others, then our office is a great place to start.