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Graduate Program FAQ

NOTE: Prospective students are advised to consult the website for their program of interest and to contact the Graduate Program Administrator of that program.

Are students automatically accepted if they have the minimum eligibility requirements?

No. Having the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission. All admission decisions are competitive, and often higher qualifications are necessary. Admission decisions are based on a department and program’s pool of applicants, availability of potential supervisors, statement of intention from the applicant, and letters of recommendation. All admission decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Which programs accept students straight from an undergraduate degree, with no teaching experience?

School of Library and Information Studies
Some Educational Policy Studies specializations
Some Educational Psychology programs

Do you have any completely online master’s programs?

Yes. The School of Library and Information Studies has an online MLIS. The Department of Elementary Education has an online Curriculum and Pedagogy program. Both of these programs are designed for part-time students.

Can I do a master’s degree part-time? Do you have flexible scheduling?

Yes, the majority of our master’s students study part-time while working part- or full-time. In addition to our two completely online programs, most of our other programs offer courses taught in flexible structures, such as blended delivery, weekend and off-campus, as well as in face-to-face courses.

Does a master’s degree entitle a person to an Alberta teaching certificate?

No. Teaching credentials are not part of a University of Alberta master’s program. The Government of Alberta issues teaching credentials. To be recommended for certification, students must have completed a Bachelor of Education degree and be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Students attending the University of Alberta on a Student Visa will not be recommended for certification. All people wishing to be awarded certification to teach must apply to have credentials evaluated by the Alberta Teaching Qualifications Service.

I have an undergraduate degree, but not in Education. How can I become eligible for teaching credentials in Alberta?

You can apply to the U of A Faculty of Education to enter the After-Degree Program. This program will give you eligibility for an Alberta Teaching Certificate and a B.Ed. degree in two years. Please see the Undergraduate Student Services web site for information.

Is there funding available while in the program?

Yes, but it is highly competitive. It depends on status of student (part-time/full-time, citizenship, academic record) and the needs of the department, as well as availability of funding. Funding does not cover a student’s expenses while in their program. We encourage students to seek funding from multiple sources.

Can I simultaneously apply for two levels of programing (e.g. M.Ed. and PhD)?

Please contact the Graduate Program Administrator of your interested program for further details. Apply as a Masters student and inquire about “fast-tracking” into a doctoral program.

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