Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (GCES) provides you with opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills in a disciplinary focus of your choice.

The GCES is a flexible, part-time, varied-delivery program that facilitates studying without taking a leave from your career. You will be engaged in authentic tasks and experiences directly linked to your focus area. Courses have both synchronous and asynchronous components, including online (Zoom) class sessions.

Join us for an online information session. Registration links are available on each cohort's home page.

Starting in Spring or Summer

Starting in Summer

Starting in Fall

Coming in Fall 2025!

Each disciplinary focus is a four-course (12 credits) experience designed to help you stay current in the field and address emergent needs of each area. Courses are provided in face-to-face, online, and blended formats. The program is offered using a cohort model to facilitate the development of a professional learning community. Certificate goals include:

  • Deepen and extend knowledge and skills of specialized and evolving areas within the field of education and to appreciate the ambiguity and limits of knowledge
  • Apply educational research to improve professional practice and to school improvement
    Integrate relevant local, provincial, national and international contexts and issues with educational research to address complex issues systematically and creatively
  • Collaborate with other educational professionals, including teachers, policy makers, curriculum developers, and paraeducational specialists to build personal and collective professional capacities and expertise
  • Communicate information, ideas, problem and solutions to non-specialist audiences

Other cohorts may be developed based on need. Download our general information flyer, or contact us at

Ladder in to a Master's Degree

A Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies provides students with up to 12 credits in advanced standing in the Master of Education in Educational Studies (MES) program. The certificate pathway to the MES will be available starting in Summer 2023 (pending sufficient enrolment).

The GCES can also ladder in to the
M.Ed. in Curriculum and Pedagogy. For more information, contact

Note: Completion of a GCES does not guarantee acceptance into any Master's program.