Laddering into a Master's Program

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies
Graduate Certificate in School Leadership

A Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (GCES) or Graduate Certificate in School Leadership (GCSL) provides students with up to 12 credits in advanced standing in the MES program. Students who bring in an approved Graduate Certificate will be admitted into the Fall 2023 certificate cohort* with the following tentative program plan (subject to change):

2024-25 Tentative Schedule for Laddering into MES Program


Summer 2024

EDU 510 Fundamentals of Educational Research

Students learn how to understand and apply educational research to educational problems. Specific focus on conceptualizing methods of educational research to specific and individual educational sites and issues.

EDU 514 Planning for Educational Change

Students learn how educational research can enhance educational change toward school improvement, and focus on the creation of a site-based research proposal which utilizes appropriate research methods.

Fall 2024

EDU 515 Conducting Educational Research**

Students complete a supervised research assignment specific to their educational context. They will develop and apply knowledge and skills related to data collection, data analysis techniques and research report presentation.

Winter 2025

Elective I


Spring 2025

Elective II

Note: Electives may be taken at any time during the program, but must be taken prior to EDU 900, unless permission has been received from the Director of Professional Learning for an altered course of study. Not all electives are offered each semester; check the website for current offerings.

Summer 2025

EDU 900 Program Synthesis

A reflection and synthesis of learning from the Master of Education in Educational Studies in relation to the concepts of school/educational improvement that are the foundations of the program.

Other Program Options

*The GCES and GCSL can ladder in to the M.Ed. Elementary Education - Curriculum and Pedagogy. Contact for more information.

Additionally, the GCSL can ladder into the M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Leadership. Contact for more information.

*Completion of a GCES or GCSL does not guarantee acceptance into the MES program. Course availability is dependent upon sufficient enrollment. Alternate schedules may be available for future years.

**Students who are employed by school divisions that are part of the CAP program require additional approval. This results in those students taking an elective in the Fall II term and conducting research in the Winter II term.