Your Program and Registration

About Your Program Sheet

If you have the Academic Requirements Report in Bear Tracks, and not a Program Sheet, then please see the "About Your Academic Requirements Report" section below.

Your Program Sheet outlines the requirements of your degree by listing each course/requirement you must complete in order to graduate. It is created especially for you, at the time of admission, by a Student Advisor in Education Student Services (ESS).

Your Program Sheet includes personal information like your name and CCID as well as academic information like program route (elementary or secondary), type of program (Four-Year, After Degree, Combined), major and minor combination (for Secondary students only) and transfer credit (if applicable). As a result, it is extremely important that you follow the Program Sheet given to you by ESS and use it as a guide when selecting courses and planning your program.

Throughout the program, you can obtain an updated copy of your Program Sheet by submitting a request for a Registration Check to ESS. In response to your request, a Student Advisor will update your Program Sheet and send a copy to your @ualberta email.

About Your Academic Requirements Report

If you have a Program Sheet and do not have the Academic Requirements Report in Bear Tracks then please see the "About Your Program Sheet" section above and the "Viewing my Program Sheet" section below.

Academic Advisement is an application within Bear Tracks that is used to track the requirements a student must satisfy in order to graduate from their program. As a student progresses towards graduation, the application will analyze the student’s completed courses and determine what requirements are still outstanding.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Alberta is piloting this new application with students admitted to the Bachelor of Education (Elementary) program directly from High School starting in the Fall 2017 term. 

Please see the Academic Advisement User Guide for how to use the Academic Requirements Report.  

Viewing my Program Sheet

If you have the Academic Requirements Report in Bear Tracks, and not a Program Sheet, then please see the "About Your Academic Requirements Report" section above.

Your Program Sheet is created using Adobe Acrobat and is saved as a PDF. The best way to view your Program Sheet is by using the newest version of Adobe Reader on a desktop or laptop computer, otherwise utilization of the interactive features that are important to reading and understanding your Program Sheet may not be available. 

If Adobe Reader is not downloaded to your computer, please download the latest version using the instructions below.

If you have Adobe Reader but are still experiencing issues with opening up the program sheet it could be that you may be running an older version of Adobe Reader on your computer. In order to update to the most recent version of Adobe Reader, you will want to select the appropriate link above and on the ‘Downloads’ page, you are able to scroll down to “Updates/Programs”, and select the most recent update listed.

Once the latest version of Adobe Reader is installed on your computer, please download and save a copy of your Program Sheet to your desktop. 

If Adobe Reader is not set up as your default viewer, you will want to right click on the PDF document and select “Open with”, then select “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. This will allow you to:

  • view your Program Sheet 
  • interact with the drop-down boxes and links. 

Please note that depending on the computer one may not be able to save any edits to the Program Sheet, but it can be used for program planning.  

Note that the default PDF viewer on Macintosh computers is Preview and will not display Program Sheets correctly. If the entire sheet is populated with completed courses and credits, it has likely opened in the wrong program. 

Transfer Credit

If you transferred to the Faculty of Education from another faculty at the University of Alberta or another post-secondary institution, you may have received transfer credit for some or all of the courses you completed while in the other faculty or at the other institution. If this is the case, your transfer credit will be noted on your Program Sheet/Academic Requirements Report.

To receive transfer credit, courses must:

  1. Fulfill a requirement in your program
  2. Transfer to the University of Alberta (for external courses). NOTE: For most courses, the minimum grade accepted for transfer credit when it comes to external courses is a C- or 60%.

If you did not receive transfer credit for a course and you believe that it meets the requirements listed above, please submit a request for a Credit Check to Education Student Services. A Student Advisor will follow up with you upon reviewing your request.