Clinical Supervisors

Dr. Karen Cook, Ph.D., RPsych
(780) 492-1304

Dr. Jonathan Dubue, Ph.D., RPsych
(780) 492-6522

Please note: Dr. Cook and Dr. Dubue cannot take on students for academic/research supervision. Please direct inquiries for academic/research supervisors to Program Staff in Counselling Psychology or School and Clinical Child Psychology

Director, Clinical Services (Counselling)

Dr. William Whelton, Ph.D., RPsych
(780) 492-7979

Director, Clinical Services (School and Clinical Child Psychology)

Dr. Christina Rinaldi, Ph.D., RPsych

Senior Associate Clinicians

Sylvie Glisinski 

Trish Senior

Administrative Coordinators

Ariane Montesinos Maclean

Hannah Tan