Psychological Studies in Education - Research

Program Description

Psychological Studies in Education (PSE) endorses a scientist-practitioner model to graduate education. The program is designed for students interested in the application of psychology to education in order to pursue an academic or community based research career. Students will achieve deep understanding about psychological theories in education, and will gain experience in applying theories to educational and community settings.

The PSE: Research Stream provides students with a solid core foundation in the following areas of educational psychology:

  • developmental psychology
  • cognition, instruction, and learning
  • methods of educational research
  • data analysis in educational research
  • community-based research applications

The PSE program emphasizes the following goals:

  • to develop a strong foundation in research, principles, and theories in educational psychology
  • to prepare students to apply principles, methods, and knowledge of psychology to problems that arise in community and educational settings
  • to develop the knowledge and skills to evaluate research and practice in educational psychology
  • to develop the capacity to conduct high quality research in educational psychology

Graduates of the PSE program may be able to work as researchers, analysts, or consultants in educational institutions, government and community agencies, private research and development organizations, as well as business and industry.