Financial Support

A degree of financial support is available to graduate students through fellowships and scholarships awarded through the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, and/or graduate assistantships (both teaching and research) awarded by the Department. Most students are also eligible for educational loans. Scholarship opportunities such as those offered through the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR), National Health and Research Development Program (NHRDP), and the University are described on the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research website. A detailed listing of scholarships and grants is available at Awards & Funding.


Assistantships awarded by the Department of Educational Psychology vary in magnitude and number from year to year, as determined by the University budget. The order of priority for assistantships is as follows: continuing Ph.D. students, new Ph.D. students, continuing M.Ed. students, and new M.Ed. students. Unfortunately,we are not able to provide financial assistance to all graduate students requesting assistance. We are also not always able to provide the number of assistantship hours that a student might prefer. We do try to do our best within the constraints of the Assistantship funding.

For more details see Research & Teaching Assistantships.