Technology in Education Specialization

Program Description

The Technology in Education Specialization in Educational Psychology is designed for students interested in studying theories, basic and applied research, and research methods in educational psychology and educational technology. It is designed for students who wish to pursue an academic or research-based career. Students will achieve deep understanding about psychological theories and their application to educational technology. They will also acquire methodological skills in applying theories and research to issues and problems in educational technology.

The Technology in Education specialization provides students with a solid core foundation in the following areas of educational psychology and educational technology:

  • applied cognition
  • instruction and learning
  • methods of educational research
  • data analysis in educational research
  • multimedia literacies
  • theory and practice in educational technology

Graduates of the Technology in Education specialization will be able to work as researchers, analysts, or consultants in educational institutions, government agencies, private research and development organizations, as well as business and industry.

The Technology Specialization is available through Educational Psychology, Secondary Education and Elementary Education. For information on the latter two options go to the Technology in Education Specialization landing page.

For doctoral studies in the Technology specialization, please see the Psychological Studies in Education program.