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Lia Daniels

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Educational Psychology

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Dr. Daniels’ research focuses on the experience of motivation and emotions, their antecedents, and their impact across a variety of contexts. She is primarily a quantitative researcher who works from a variety of theoretical lenses including the Control-Value Theory of Emotions, Attribution Theory, Achievement Goal Theory, and Self-Determination Theory. Her overarching objective is to better understand how to support adaptive motivation and emotions thereby contributing to favourable outcomes in school, work, and therapeutic settings. I am interested in working with graduate students who would like to be actively involved in my program of research as well as pursue their own research interests related to motivation and/or emotions. With my students I am currently pursuing topics such as: Attributions when teaching students with FASD; Motivations behind sexting; Teachers’ motivational practices; Motivation to pursue counselling; Coping with boredom; and Motivation in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs); Creating optimally motivating classrooms. To support this type of research-rich environment for students, I direct the Alberta Consortium for Motivation and Emotion (ACME) with Dr. Robert Klassen (University of York, UK).