Areas of Research

Our research is structured around four pillars:

1. Translational Research

Our translational research explores infectious diseases, respiratory illnesses, and specifically metabolomics to examine possible phenotypes of respiratory diseases.

2. Clinical research and Outcomes Research

We perform clinical trials, systematic reviews, diagnostic tests, clinical research, economic evaluations, and health outcomes research into the various study designs used.

3. Health Systems and Services (including knowledge translation and dissemination)

We promote engaged research with decision-makers, policy-makers and others relevant to our ED. This research covers all ages and a wide variety of topics. We find and synthesize the evidence, and then translate it into clinical practice. We work with decision makers to understand their information requirements and then develop research methods which will meet these needs.

4. Population Health

We study social, cultural and environmental factors that affect the health of acutely ill and injured patients.

Emergency Medicine has a wide scope and as such our research covers a broad spectrum of medical and administrative issues. We also collaborate with other departments throughout Medicine.