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Ethics Review

Each proposal must pass three levels of ethics review, depending on how many Emergency Department resources the study requires.

1. Human Ethics Research Online (HERO)

The ethics review process for all faculty, staff, and students of the University of Alberta (U of A) Health Sciences Faculties, Alberta Health Services, and the Covenant Health. HERO is governed by The Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) which has two review panels: Biomedical and Health Research (the panel chosen depends on the specific interest of the research being conducted). The HERO system can be accessed online through; for assistance , contact Alice Fritch at 780-492-0839

2. Operational Approval

This level of approval is obtained from the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials and Research Centre (NACTRAC). Researchers can seek approval online from any resource including staff and property within Alberta Health Services that may be utilize for the purpose of their research. For projects involving the ED, approval is obtained from Nursing administrator/Manager following study review. Multiple approvals (ED, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, and other sites) may be required before beginning your research. For details, visit, or contact the Clinical Research Administrator at 780-407-6041.

3. Administrative Approval

This level of approval is required from Alberta Health Services following HREB approval and all operational approvals. Contact the Clinical Research Administrator at at 780-407-6041.

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