Are you a researcher planning an interdisciplinary project? A clinician with an innovative idea needing a research plan? A resident wanting to do a research project in Emergency Medicine? Or, a medical student looking to learn more about Emergency Medicine Research? Our team at Emergency Medicine Research UAlberta is here to help.

Our team has a long history of excellence in emergency medicine research. Dr Brian Holroyd is involved with operational research to improve the quality and efficiency of emergency care, as well as the experience of those seeking emergency care. Dr Brian Rowe is a Professor in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the School of Public Health, an internationally recognized leader in Evidence Based Clinical practice, and Scientific Director of the Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH) of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2016-2023). Professor Emeritus Dr Michael Bullard continues to lead in the development, optimization and implementation of triage scoring systems to support evidence - based triage in clinical practice. Christopher McCabe is an internationally renowned health economist, Professor of Health Economics at the University of Alberta, and currently on secondment as Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Health Economics.

Dr Bill Sevcik is the Chair of the DEM and besides his clinical and administrative duties, he is interested in the study and implementation of pediatric injury prevention strategies. Research Director Dr Jeffrey Franc brings a wealth of experience in emergency medicine, disaster medicine, statistical computing, and software engineering.

The department also has a long history of excellence in research projects with undergraduate medical students, residents, and graduate students. Our team members are active teachers of statistics and research methodology at training programs at the University of Alberta and internationally.

Our team has expertise in a number of important clinical areas including injury prevention, triage, disaster medicine, machine learning, artificial intelligence, health equity, and emergency medicine. A Slack Workspace helps our team stay in constant communication, even with many of our members working remotely.

Our team looks forward to collaborating with clinicians in the Faculty of Medicine , content experts at the University of Alberta , and other partners internationally. Are you interested in joining our group as a collaborator? Would you like to be a member of our Slack workspace? Please email the research director at

JEFFREY MICHAEL FRANC , MD , MS ( Stats ), MSC (DM ), FCFP ( EM ), D Sport Med
Research Director , Department of Emergency Medicine , UAlberta
Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta

Research Director Dr. Chris McCabe