Hello and welcome to the Department of Emergency Medicine (DEM) Research pages. The DEM has a diverse research program with expertise in a number of important areas. Here at DEM we are immensely proud of our internationally recognized clinical and health system research programmes. The team is led by Dr. Christopher McCabe, an internationally renowned health economist and holder of the Capital Health Endowed Chair in Emergency Medicine Research. As health care payers become more concerned with efficiency and patient centred health care delivery, DEM research is able to respond under the leadership of Dr. McCabe's research which focuses on the role of values in health care resource allocation and the optimization of health technologies for efficient implementation in the health care system.

Dr. Brian Rowe is a recognized leader in research that underpins Evidence Based Clinical practice in Emergency Medicine in Canada and around the world. Dr. Rowe is a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Evidence-based Emergency Medicine and serves in the position of Scientific Director, for the Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH) of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Dr. Michael Bullard continues to lead in the development, optimization and implementation of triage scoring systems to support evidence-based triage in clinical practice. In this area, Drs. Rowe and Bullard work closely with our Department Chair, Dr. Brian Holroyd on the operational research to improve the quality and efficiency of emergency care.

Our various research programmes are supported financially by provincial, national and international funders; and more importantly are embedded within the Alberta Health Care ecosystem through strong links to the Alberta Health Services Strategic Clinical Networks and Alberta Health, the ministry of health in Alberta. These close relationships enable the adoption of new research findings into the health care system in a prompt and efficient manner.

We are particularly proud of the involvement of residents, graduate students, and undergraduate medical students in the DEM research community. We have a dedicated Resident Research Coordinator who matches residents to on-going projects and faculty mentors, based upon their individual areas of interest. This important position supports them through their residency to meet their training requirements and gather hands-on experience of all stages of the research process - from formulating a research question and designing the study, to presenting at conferences and journal publication. Each summer the Department hosts between 4 and 10 undergraduate summer students, working on research projects within DEM. They also undergo formal research training through a dedicated Training Seminar Program. Often these students will be matched with senior residents, under the guidance of faculty mentors, to undertake field-work for the resident's scholarly project.

In these pages you will be able to find more information about the DEM Research Programmes, our research staff and our publications.


Professor Christopher McCabe, PhD
Research Director, Department of Emergency Medicine
Capital Health Research Chair in Emergency Medicine Research
Adjunct Professor Department of Economics
Adjunct Professor School of Public Health
University of Alberta
Research Director Dr. Chris McCabe