After You have Been Accepted

After Acceptance

  • We recommend settling into housing situation 10-14 days before start of term
  • Graduate students are fully responsible for ensuring that they meet the requirements of graduation
  • It is recommended students periodically view bear tracks for any sudden course changes
  • Engineering Ethics and Integrity (Engg 600) is a one day workshop offered in September and January and is a requirement for graduation. We recommended all new students to enroll in this for their first semester of graduate studies


Their are 3 major costs to consider for the year


Housing and residence Recreation Facilities Students union University Athletics

Get In Contact With The Graduate Department

  • For Inquiries Regarding Applications For All Graduate Programs Contact Isabelle Gibbins (Graduate Applications Assistant):
  • Current Graduate Students in MSc Or PhD Programs Contact Serena Pike (Graduate Academic Advisor (Thesis-based)):
  • Current Graduate Students in MEng Programs Contact Heather Woodbury (Graduate Academic Advisor (Course-based)):
  • MEng Advisor Contact Dr. Tim Weis:
  • Associate Dean of Graduate Students Contact Dr. Alexandra Komrakova: