Mechanical Systems & Control


The Mechanical Systems and Control research area in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is a combination of research activity in combustion, reactive flow, fluid and combustion control, systems control, and particle emissions diagnostics, with a focus on application to the automotive, aeronautical, and manufacturing sectors. Thus, the Mechanical Systems and Control research area concentrates on contributing to the development of moveable vehicles and power sources, and incorporates elements of mechanical, electrical, controls, combustion, and fluid engineering. Control and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is also a general focus of this area of research in the Department with novel research activities on alternative zero-emission power trains for vehicles based on polymer electrolyte fuel cells, which can provide long range transportation.

Research in this area has resulted in expertise in combustion flows; combustion engines and emissions reduction; aerosols, particle dynamics, and climate; mechatronics and control; and development and performance of polymer electrolyte fuel cells.

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