Degrees & Programs

Why You Should Pursue Graduate Studies:

  • A postgraduate degree will set you apart from your peers
  • Enhanced earnings potential: approximately 20% higher ultimate earning potential compared to a BSc (source: NSERC/Statscan)
  • You will gain advanced training and knowledge and work with advanced technologies
  • Enhanced career options (technical and/or managerial)

Our Expectations At University Of Alberta:

  • Students must meet or exceed the minimum cumulative GPA requirement for the program (typically > 3.0 GPA at Master level and >3.3 in PhD)
  • Students must pay all fees
  • Students must act with academic integrity, and must comply with University regulations and procedures and with the Code of Student Behaviour

Selecting A Program

1. Select A Stream:

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Degree Programs

The Mechanical Engineering graduate program is open to students with an undergraduate degree Mechanical Engineering or a closely related field. With a wide array of courses in solid mechanics and dynamics, robotics and controls, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, energy, composite and nano materials, and engineering design, the program offers students the ability to focus their studies on specific areas of interest.

Engineering Management Graduate Degree Programs

The Engineering Management graduate program is open to students from all engineering disciplines and is a flexible program that allows a graduate engineer to broaden their knowledge of management-related topics. The program can be individually adapted to include a significant number of technical courses as well. The emphasis in the program is on a core course offering a foundation in engineering management, and a flexible selection of additional courses to meet the needs of each individual in the program.

2. Select A Degree:

Master of Science (MSc)/ Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Thesis Based

  • Must complete 5 graduate courses (MSc) or 4 Graduate Courses (PhD)
  • Must have an Academic Supervisor
  • MSc Opportunities
  • PhD Opportunities
  • Must complete and orally defend a thesis
  • Takes an average of 2.5 years for MSc (thesis) at a maximum of 4 years to complete
  • Takes an average 3.5 years for PhD students at a maximum of 6 years to complete
  • Funding support is typically available through Fellowships, Teaching Assistantships, and Scholarships

Masters Of Mechanical Engineering (MEng) - Course Based

  • Must complete 9 graduate courses
  • Must complete a capstone project
  • MEng takes an average of 2 years to finish with a maximum length of 6 years to complete
  • No supervisor is required for application
  • Funding support is typically not available

3. Check The Requirements:

All Our Graduate Programs Require The Minimum requirements Of:

  • Minimum of a 3.0 GPA(or equivalent)
  • Acceptable English Competency
  • Must possess a undergraduate engineering degree from a recognized institution

Work experience Requirement

Prior engineering work experience is not required but strongly encouraged

Qualifying Admissions

If you do not meet the minimum academic standards, considerations may be offered on a case-by-case basis to applicants with exceptional or tenured work experience

4. Collect Required Supporting Documents For Application

Applicants from India and Pakistan are required to upload individual marksheets from each semester along with their consolidated transcript and grading scale


Original copies with official stamp or seal in PDF format. International students must submit one copy in English and one copy in the original language if applicable, click here for more information.

Degree Certificates:

The certificate is not a transcript but a proof of completion. Students must submit original copy.International students must submit one copy in English and one copy in the original language if applicable.

Letters of reference(3):

3 Letters of reference must be provided providing the writes current contact information and signature. Letters are limited to academic or business references

Curriculum Vitae:

Information must include

  • Personal information
  • Education and work experience in reverse chronological order
  • Technical and language skills
  • Honours and awards
  • Research publications and reports

Personal Statement:

This is a one page summary on why the applicant is pursuing a graduate degree with their respective department, their research interests, and why the would make a successful candidate.

Proof Of English Language:

You must upload the official English Language Score results for verification. Read more about the information and requirements for the English requirements.

5. Submit Application Through UAlberta's Graduate Studies Management Solution (GSMS)

Submitted Applications

  • Note that if the status says Pending - The term means that the application is still in progress
  • After completing the application be sure to monitor your Applicant Portal regularly
  • Do not refer to Bear Tracks for your applications status. Always refer to your Applicant Portal

Final Stage Of Acceptance

Once your application is complete and approved it will be sent to your supervisor If the Application is not approved, there will be a message indicating the problem in your Applicant Portal. Then, once your application is approved by your supervisor it will be sent to FGSR. You will be notified through the Applicant Portal. Your Admission letter will then be sent to you to. You MUST then select yes to advance your application and complete the process

Get In Contact With The Graduate Department

  • For Inquiries Regarding Applications For All Graduate Programs Contact Isabelle Gibbins (Graduate Applications Assistant):
  • Current Graduate Students in MSc Or PhD Programs Contact Serena Pike (Graduate Academic Advisor (Thesis-based)):
  • Current Graduate Students in MEng Programs Contact Heather Woodbury (Graduate Academic Advisor (Course-based)):
  • MEng Advisor Contact Dr. Tim Weis:
  • Associate Dean of Graduate Students Contact Dr. Alexandra Komrakova: