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Scholarships and Awards


  • Funding is not guaranteed based on acceptance; applicants requiring financial support must negotiate funding with their supervisor prior to being granted acceptance
  • Amount of funding varies between students
  • Part-time students are ineligible for funding, and students on academic probation are ineligible for departmental support
  • Students receive an incremental increase each year, as part of the graduate student collective agreement

Typical funding sources for students include:

  • Academic Supervisor Support (Research Fellowship or Assistantship)
  • Departmental Support (Teaching Assistantships)
  • Scholarships and Awards

Common Scholarships & Awards

  • University internal awards
  • Alberta Ingenuity
  • NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada)
  • Foundations
  • Industry (e.g. IPS)

Students must actively apply for scholarships and awards. These sources of funds are generally very competitive

Graduate Studies Scholarships and Awards

Get In Contact With The Graduate Department

  • For Inquiries Regarding Applications For All Graduate Programs Contact Isabelle Gibbins (Graduate Applications Assistant):
  • Current Graduate Students in MSc Or PhD Programs Contact Serena Pike (Graduate Academic Advisor (Thesis-based)):
  • Current Graduate Students in MEng Programs Contact Heather Woodbury (Graduate Academic Advisor (Course-based)):
  • MEng Advisor Contact Dr. Tim Weis:
  • Associate Dean of Graduate Students Contact Dr. Alexandra Komrakova: