Prepare to Graduate


Ready to Graduate?

The requirements to graduate are as follows:

  1. Pass all courses required by your specific program;
  2. Have an Engineering Graduation Average (EGA) of 2.0 or greater; and
  3. Be in satisfactory academic standing.

This information is available in the University of Alberta Calendar by going to Faculty of Engineering Regulations > Academic Regulations > Engineering Graduation Average.

You can confirm the courses needed to meet your degree requirements and your EGA by using the Academics Requirements Report in Bear Tracks. Program Planners are also available online in our Forms Cabinet.

If you have any questions regarding graduation requirements, please contact Engineering Undergraduate Student Services at

If you are completing Athabasca or other off-campus courses

If you are currently completing a required course for your degree off-campus (e.g. an online course through Athabasca), official transcripts from the issuing University must be received by October 1 for Fall (November) Convocation, and April 30 for Spring (June) Convocation.

Graduation checklist:

  1. Apply to graduate on Bear Tracks.
  2. Verify your personal info.
  3. Find your ceremony.
  4. Update your attendance. Don't forget to RSVP.
  5. Reserve your apparel and convocation packet.
  6. Pay any outstanding fines or fees.
  7. Verify your mailing address.

Visit the Office of the Registrar - Convocation website for detailed information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I confirm that I have met my graduation requirements?

Students are able to complete program checks in Bear Tracks using the new Academic Requirements Report. Visit our Academic Requirements Report page for more information.

Alternatively, students can download a program planner from our Program Planner Google Drive and compare their University of Alberta transcript to the Program Planner.

When will my degree status be reflected on my transcript?
Degree status is typically updated on University of Alberta transcripts a week or two before the convocation ceremony.
What is a Letter of Completion? Why would I need one? How can I request one?

New graduates may require proof of program completion when applying for employment, study/work permits, or membership with professional certification organization. If you require proof of program completion before your transcript is updated with your degree status, you can request a Letter of Completion from Student Services.

To request a Letter of Completion, send an email to

Note: If your transcript reflects your degree status, a Letter of Completion will not be provided.

What is graduating with First-Class Standing?

First-Class Standing is awarded following the second, fourth, sixth, and eighth academic terms based on a GPA of 3.5 or greater, calculated on a course load of not less than 35.0 units in the two preceding academic terms. First-Class Standing is noted on student transcripts only.

What is graduating "With Distinction"?

"With Distinction" is inscribed on the permanent record and graduation parchment, if the candidate has obtained an Engineering Graduation Average (EGA) of 3.5 or greater.

What is my Engineering Graduation Average (EGA) and how is it calculated?

For an explanation of your EGA and how it will be calculated please see item 2 -  Engineering Graduation Average - of the Faculty of Engineering Academic Regulations in the University of Alberta Calendar.

Once all of your final grades are posted, your EGA will show on the Academic Requirements report in Bear Tracks. For more information about this report visit our Academic Requirements Report page.

Last Updated: September 20, 2023