Convocation celebrates the accomplishment of graduation and includes a rich history of traditions.

The University of Alberta Convocation ceremonies, coordinated by the Convocation and Ceremonies unit of the Office of the Registrar, are held twice a year, in the Spring (June) and the Fall (November).

Augustana Students: Visit Augustana Convocation for more details.

Faculty of Extension Students: Visit Faculty of Extension Graduation for more details.

Preparing for Convocation

Convocation is an exciting and memorable event that marks the rite of passage from student to graduate. Ensure you are prepared for your convocation and you know what to expect on your big day.

Attending Convocation

Get in-depth details about attending convocation, including ceremony dates and times, guest tickets, and accessibility arrangements.

Convocation Ceremonies and Traditions

Watch webcasts of previous convocation ceremonies, find your name and those of your friends in the lists of graduates, and read about the history of honorary degrees and other ceremonial traditions.

Parchments and Proof of Graduation

How to get your official degree parchment, reprints or proof of graduation.


Commemorate your convocation ceremony with official University of Alberta convocation memorabilia.

Ceremony dates and times

Make sure you know where to go and when to be there on the big day!

Guest tickets

Guest tickets are reserved for graduands who advise us of their intention to attend the ceremony.

Update your address

If you can’t attend the ceremony we will mail your degree.

Watch the video

Get a sneak peek! Our convocation video will show you how to prepare for your ceremony, and what you can expect on the big day!

Update your info

Ensure all your details are correct for the big day, including your parchment name, by Friday, May 11, 2018.

Confirm your attendance

Let us know if you plan to attend your ceremony.

Check for financial holds

You need to pay any outstanding amounts  in order to receive your degree at Convocation. Check Bear Tracks »


Use the #UAlberta18 hashtag on social media sites and we'll be able to collect your stories on the convocation page.