Engineering Technologist Transfer Registration

You should be on this page if you have been admitted directly into a program by completing an Engineering Technologist Diploma.


Accepting Your Offer and Paying Your Tuition Deposit

Students must accept their offer of admission and pay their tuition deposit before they are able to register in classes. The fastest way to pay your tuition deposit is through Launchpad. More information is available on the Tuition Deposit Payment page.


After you have been admitted and your tuition deposit is paid, you will receive an email with a link to the Registration Pattern Form. Once you fill out the form, it will take 3-4 business days to be assigned to a registration pattern and to have access to register in your first year courses. Once you are assigned to a registration pattern, you will receive an email with detailed registration information.

First Year Courses

Fall Winter
CHEM 103 CHEM 105
ENGG 130 EN PH 131
MATH 100 MATH 101
PHYS 130 MATH 102
ENGG 100 ENGG 160 
ENGL 199 (may be Winter term) ENCMP 100 (may be Fall term)

After you have registered in your first year courses through My Schedule Builder, your schedule will be available for you to view in both Bear Tracks and My Schedule Builder. If you are having trouble navigating or logging in, please refer to the Registration Help page on the Registrar's Office website.

Transfer Credit and Length of Program

There is no transfer credit associated with your Engineering diploma program. Your Traditional Engineering program will take 4 years to complete if taken full time.

If you have completed other post-secondary coursework, it will be evaluated for transfer credit. If any transfer credit is granted, it will be posted in Bear Tracks on the Academic Records tile under Transfer Credit Report. In addition to completing any outstanding first year courses, you can enroll in higher level courses that you meet the requisites for.

Program Placement

Your placement into a program is based on the specialization of your Engineering Technologist diploma: read more about this at Transferring from an Engineering Technologist Program. You can view the recommended sequence of the required courses for your program in the University of Alberta Calendar, Program Planner, or Academic Requirements Report.

Option to Compete for a New Program Placement

If you would like the opportunity to be placed in a different program, you have the option to compete with the rest of the qualifying students. This decision must be made during your first year in Engineering.

Program placement is a competitive process and you would follow the Y1Q1 placement process. Admission is based on your Program Admission Factor (PAF). This PAF is a GPA calculation based on completion of a full course load of 37 Engineering units in your first Fall and Winter terms, excluding ENGG 100 and ENGG 160.

It is strongly suggested that you meet with an Advisor to review your options before making a decision to compete for a new program. This is largely due to the fact that you cannot revert back to your initial program if you are not satisfied with your new program placement result. Waiting until after your Fall term grades are posted before deciding whether to remain in your current program or to compete for a different program is also recommended.

Students admitted to an Engineering program in Fall 2023 who decide to compete for a different Engineering program must complete a Google form and a Program Selection Form. Students will receive more information by email in the Winter term.

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024

For questions please contact Include your student ID in your message.

Last Updated: March 1, 2024