Spring/Summer Registration

Class Delivery Formats & Locations

There is no plan to offer hybrid classes for Spring/Summer 2024. Please check Bear Tracks or My Schedule Builder to see the planned delivery format and location of all classes.

Summer Academic Terms

Summer Academic Terms for Engineering programs include 13-week classes that are scheduled over both the Spring & Summer terms. These may also be referred to as Intersession Classes, 13-week classes, or Spring/Summer classes.

In addition to 13-week classes, students may also register in 3 or 6-week classes in either Spring or Summer term.

Registering in 13-week classes with A & B Sections

13-week classes require students to complete registration in both the Spring & Summer terms. These courses will have two portions: an A section (in Spring) and a B section (in Summer). Registering in the Spring term section does not automatically register you in the Summer term section and vice versa. If you only register for either one of the Spring or Summer sections (either A or B), your registration will be dropped overnight due to incomplete registration.

Example: 13-week Class Registration

Kadin plans to take ENG M 401 in the Summer Academic Term. ENG M 401 is a 13-week class with A & B sections: ENG M 401A, which is registered in the Spring term, and ENG M 401B, which is registered in the Summer term. To successfully register in ENG M 401, Kadin must complete the following steps in Bear Tracks > My Schedule Builder:

  1. On the term selection screen, select Spring Term 2024.
  2. Search for ENG M 401.
  3. Register in the available ENG M 401A section offered in the Spring term.
  4. Return to term selection and select Summer Term 2024.
  5. Search for ENG M 401. 
  6. Register in the available ENG M 401B section offered in the Summer term.

After registering in both A and B sections of the course, Kadin has completed registration in ENG M 401 for the Summer Academic Term.

Registration Dates & Deadlines

The registration dates and deadlines for Spring/Summer 13-week classes are different from single term classes in Spring or Summer. The dates and deadlines for all classes are available on the Registrar’s Office Registration Dates and Deadlines page.

Registration Restrictions

Priority registration access is given to students whose programs are scheduled to take courses in Spring/Summer. Students registering off their program sequence will have to wait until the registration restrictions open up to include their program. Restrictions can be viewed in the Class Notes in Bear Tracks or in the Class Remarks in My Schedule Builder (see below).

Exams for 13-week classes

The exam planner for 13-week Engineering and on-sequence Math classes is available on our Spring & Summer Exams page. The tentative exam dates for these classes will be shown in Bear Tracks when registration begins in February and student exam schedules should be posted in Bear Tracks by mid-July.

Class Notes / Class Remarks

Class Notes / Class Remarks contain important information about classes as well as restrictions and registration dates for different student groups. To view the Class Notes for a course in Bear Tracks, click on the green clipboard icon beside the class section. In My Schedule Builder, Class Notes will show as ‘Class Remarks’ and can be found in the course details when you search for a course. Note: not all class sections will have Class Notes / Class Remarks.

How to View Class Notes / Class Remarks in Bear Tracks or My Schedule Builder

Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, desktop view.
Location of clipboard icon in Bear Tracks, desktop view.


Location of Class Remarks in My Schedule Builder, desktop view.

Maximum Units

Students in Traditional programs who are registering off sequence are able to take a maximum of 6 units in each of the Spring and Summer terms. This limit equates to two 6-week classes per term or a total of four 13-week classes over both terms.

Civil Engineering students who want to register in the maximum unit load in conjunction with CIV E 251 must contact Student Services for assistance at enggadvising@ualberta.ca.

Co-op Students Taking Courses while on Work Terms

Co-op students are permitted to take one course with their work experience course as long as it does not interfere with work hours or performance.

Note: The co-op work experience course is scheduled for registration in the Summer term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I search for online courses offered in Spring or Summer term?

Option 1: In Bear Tracks > Manage Classes, online Spring or Summer courses can be identified using the Advanced Search function.

  1. In the Mode of Instruction field, select Internet.
  2. In the Campus field, select Off-Campus Locations.

Option 2: In Bear Tracks > My Schedule Builder, choose the Spring or Summer term, check off the Online box in Locations, then continue with your course search.

Searches conducted using these filters will refine your search to display only the available online options.

Note: make sure to familiarize yourself with the various Instruction Modes (ex. Online vs Hybrid vs HyFlex, etc.) You can find descriptions of the various instruction modes in the Registrar’s Office Registration guide here.

Last updated: 
March 14, 2024