BA in English

Bachelor of Arts – Major in English 

Students who major in English can explore and engage critically and creatively with language, literature, and other cultural forms – including popular culture and new media – across a diverse range of courses. The major in English enables students to:

  • discover the powerful role representations play in how we understand our world;
  • learn a variety of approaches to critical analysis and literary research;
  • understand literature, broadly defined, in historical perspective and also in contemporary manifestations;
  • encounter exciting approaches to topics in (among many others) popular culture, Victorian literature, Indigenous literature, old and new media, Renaissance literature, Canadian literature, and children’s literature .

What courses do you need for the BA Major in English?

In addition to satisfying the Faculty’s Basic Requirements for the BA (and any relevant requirements toward a minor), students majoring in English must complete between 30 and 48 credits in Senior English (including at least 6 credits at each of the 200 and 400 levels). For complete program information, click on the Major Program Planner pdf on the right.